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Library student experience

Listening, Learning and Leading: transforming Curtin students’ Library experience

Early in 2013 Curtin University introduced a University-wide strategic initiative to transform learning entitled Learning for Tomorrow. In response to this initiative, Curtin University Library introduced the Listening, Learning and Leading: Transforming the Curtin Student Library Experience Program, designed to align with students’ experiences of a transformed learning approach.

The Program is underpinned by concepts of universal design in relation to access to resources and facilities, and digital literacy as a key component of the learning content provided by Library.

Theme Objectives Projects
ListeningSupport student learning by increasing physical and virtual access to Library services and resources.Expand Library opening hours to 24/7.
Enhanced Library student assistant (LSA) support
Acquire more course readings.
Redesign Curtin Library mobile app.
Apply Universal design principles to Library facilities.
Learning Contribute to student learning by providing customised information literacy support at point of need.Implement online reference FAQ system.
Create sets of personalised learning videos.
Customise and tailor Libguides.
Embed the Library in student learning environments.
LeadingEnhance student learning by developing innovative hands-on learning activities.Create games based learning activities.
Lead the development of a maker community.