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Checking your borrower information

You can use the Library Catalogue to check your borrower information. When you select Borrower Information, you can:

  • see any messages for you from Library staff.
  • see what items you have borrowed and when they have to be returned.
  • renew an item so that you can keep it longer.
  • check or cancel the items you have requested.
  • check if you have any fines.
  • check the address the Library has recorded for you.

Potential fines are displayed in the Current Loans tab. They are transferred to the Fines tab when the item is returned.

To access your Borrower Information you will need your ID and password.

Curtin students and staff may also access Borrower Information via OASIS.

After viewing your Borrower Information, always log out, especially if you’re using a Library or shared computer. This ensures anyone using the computer after you cannot access your account.