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State Training Provider students & staff

Curtin Library has entered into a reciprocal agreement with the State Training Providers of Western Australia. This agreement allows students and staff from signatory State Training Providers to borrow from Curtin University Library.

Materials must be borrowed in person (not online), and returned to the Curtin Library they were borrowed from.


You must register before borrowing items. To do so, present your Student ID card to staff at the Curtin Library you wish to borrow from. You will need to show your enrolment/employment at your home institution is current. If this information is not indicated on your ID card, official alternative documentation will be required e.g. current student enrolment document, employment contract, current online student/staff library record.

It’s free to register and borrow from Curtin Library. Curtin Library membership is not transferable. Registration is valid for the current year and will expire on 28 February the following year. You may apply to renew your registration each year.


You may borrow up to two items at a time from Curtin Library. Some items are not available for loan or borrowing conditions may apply.

If you don’t return Curtin Library items by their due date or don’t comply with Curtin Library rules you will incur fines. If you don’t pay the fines, you may be blocked from borrowing at Curtin Library and your institution’s library. Please see Renewing an Item for renewal information.

If an item is not returned, Curtin Library will bill your institution’s library for the cost of replacement and an administration fee. You will be required to reimburse your institution’s library for any amounts paid on your behalf.

Eligible institutions:
InstitutionCampuses with reciprocal borrowing agreements
North Metropolitan TAFEWest Coast Institute of Training
Central Institute of Technology
South Metropolitan TAFEChallenger Institute of Technology
Polytechnic West
North Regional TAFEKimberley Training Institute
Pilbara Institute
Central Regional TAFEC.Y. O’Connor Institute
Durack Institute of Technology
South Regional TAFEGreat Southern Institute of Technology
South West Institute of Technology