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Where are the computers?


There are almost always computers available on all levels.

If you require dual screens, there are several computers on level four with this facility.

Currently there are no computers in the Library that you can book.


There are iMacs available for use in the iZone at Robertson Library.

The Postgraduate room on Level 5 has two iMacs for use. Swipe access by authorised students is required for this room.


The Robertson Library has laptops available for use within the Library. They are available from staff on level 2. For more information please see the Laptops for loan.

Graphics workstations and tablets

High-powered graphics workstations and Wacom drawing tablets are provided in the iZone on level two of Robertson Library. These are dedicated for use with graphic-intensive applications such as the Adobe and Autodesk suite. You can borrow a drawing pen from the Enquiries Desk on level two.

LCD screens

The Library provides LCD screens to facilitate group work. These are available in some of the bookable group study rooms on level five, in the iZone on level two and in the group study rooms on level four of Robertson Library.